These are outstanding individuals who have made a permanent and significant improvement in the criminal justice system, moving us closer to a judicial system which consistently treats women and children subjected to violence fairly and expeditiously. WATCH has honored 23 Gold Watch recipients in the last two decades.

Ramsey County attorney John Choi , 2018

Marilyn Carlson Nelson, 2017

U.S Attorney Andrew Luger, 2016

Judge Elizabeth Cutter, 2013

Vicki Seliger-Swenson, 2012

Jahmal Mattson, 2011

Kris Arneson, 2010

Ellen Pence, 2009

Suzanne Koepplinger, 2008

Michelle Jacobson, 2007

Lois Bishop & Lonna Stevens,  2006

Beverly Balos, 2005

CornerHouse, 2004

Linda Thompson MD & Marjorie Hogan MD, 2003

Joan Peterson, 2002

Nancy Halverson, 2001

Dr. Jeffrey Edleson, 2000

Judge Kathryn Quaintance, 1999

Sgt. Bernie Martinson, 1998

Lolita Ulloa, 1997

Sheila Wellstone, 1997

Gunnar Bankovics, 1996

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