WATCH’s goals are victim and public safety, the accountability and transparency of the judiciary and education of the judicial system and the public. Through monitoring, feedback, and public pressure, WATCH encourages an increased number of case resolutions where public and victim safety is assured and consequences for offenders are serious and swift. Further, WATCH seeks to provide both criminal justice personnel and the public with critically needed information about systemic issues related to family violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking.

Court Monitors

WATCH monitors over 3,000  hearings about violence against women and children annually to ensure fairness and respect for all participants.

Judicial Policy  Reports

WATCH regularly publishes fact-based policy recommendations that improve the judicial process for violently abused women and children.

Sex Trafficking Project

WATCH is currently working on evaluating the effectiveness of sex trafficking laws, judicial procedures and outcomes in Hennepin and Ramsey counties to help reduce juvenile sex trafficking in Minnesota.

Offender Chronologies

WATCH researches and reports the facts on repeat perpetrators of violence against women and children to educate  the community and motivate change.

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