Domestic Violence is Pervasive and Expensive

1/4 of American women have been abused by an intimate partner

1/3 of all police time is spent responding to domestic violence disturbances

1/2 of homeless women and children are fleeing domestic violence

Domestic violence costs about $37 billion annually

Violence Begets Violence

3/4 of abusers grew up in abusive homes

Domestic violence against women and children is typically repetitive and increases in violence

Law and Judicial Practice are Hesitant to Address Domestic Violence

The U.S. began with a legal system that permitted wife beating

Domestic violence has traditionally been viewed as a private matter

Domestic homicides routinely receive lesser sentences than other homicides

WATCH’s Goals 

Transform laws and judicial practice so that violence against intimate partners is considered as serious as other assault and battery crimes

Raise public awareness of domestic violence and create a culture that condemns it

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